Mount Sinai Youth Soccer

2022 Fall Intramural Coaches



Thank you for helping out as a Coach for the upcoming Fall 2022 Intramural season.  


ur intramural soccer programs offer play based on age groupings for boys and girls born from 2012 through 2019. Children are divided into divisions specific to their year of birth.

As we head deeper into the summer, we have to start to get ready for the Fall.  The Mount Sinai Youth Soccer Club is thrilled to announce the re-opening of our Fall Intramurals for 2022 for our 30th year in the community, but with a MAJOR improvement in our model.

What’s New?

This fall season we will continue providing fun and exciting games on Sunday mornings, but in addition to that all players will be provided 1 hour training session midweek with our professional soccer trainers from ETA (Evolution Training Academy).  This training, which used to come prior to the Sunday’s games, will be extended from 30 minutes to 1 hour and the midweek training allows us to extend our game time on Sunday mornings. 

We will continue to ask for our volunteer coaches to help lead their teams on Sunday mornings, but will now have some assistance with training during the week. 

This is a unique offering for soccer intramurals, as no other program in the area will offer anything quite like it and provides a fantastic opportunity to have your kids trained to fully understand the basic fundamentals of dribbling, passing, communicating, off ball movement and striking. 

Where and When?

We will kick off our season September 18th and all of our 8 weeks of fall intramurals games will be played at Mt. Sinai Elementary school fields on Sunday mornings. 

Midweek training sessions may be split between Diamond in the Pines and Mt. Sinai Elementary Schools.  Times and schedules will be determined prior to the start of the season and may be subject to change during the season, but all players will be provided 7 training sessions with ETA.


Please direct questions to:

Ray Beers

Intramural Director